Take Serious Countersurveillance Measures

See what our security pros can do for your Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA and all of Northern, Western and Central Virginia

Security doesn't end with the locks on your doors - you also need to keep a close eye on your business's communications. That's where countersurveillance measures from Goose Security & Solutions LLC come in. Our security experts in Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA will take steps to ensure you have effective countersurveillance measures in place.

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Learn more about our countermeasures

We deploy a variety of technical surveillance countermeasures to help our clients monitor their property's incoming and outgoing lines. This can include:

  • Cameras
  • Listening devices and bugs
  • Telephone taps and network taps
Whether you want a physical countermeasure to unknown security cameras or you want an expert to protect your office phones, we can assist you. Speak to our owner today to learn more about our countersurveillance services.